Friday, November 15, 2013

Quadcopter Drone Flying Tutorial 3: Intro to Turning

Turning your quadcopter drone for the first time can be intimidating.  With a Mode 2 controller, it requires a coordinated and combined movement of controlling/maintaining the quadcopter's throttle setting, while applying yaw (rudder) control for the turn. It feels very awkward to do for the first few times, especially if you're right handed.  However, each time you practice it, it becomes more and more comfortable to do. Eventually you'll be doing it perfectly without even thinking about it.

Here's AliShanMao again teaching the basics of turning.  He again uses a RC helicopter, but his lessons apply equally to quadcopters. At this point, try to use your rudder control only for implementing the turns. I stress using rudder only especially if you own a 3-axis stabilized quadcopter. Rudder turns are also useful for steady and level aerial photography or aerial video (such as with your DJI Phantom and GoPro). We'll go into banked turns using both simultaneous rudder and aileron (roll) control in a later lesson (and here is that lesson, click here).  As mentioned previously, listen up. Ali knows what he's talking about.


  1. these ali videos are terrible

  2. He has good advice. It does crack me up how the editing cuts him off. It's like he's telling himself to shut up lol

  3. Replies
    1. Wow! Mister Highspeedchecker... He needed just 6 Lessons to realize that this is not a quadcopter... how long he needs to realize that a copter and a quadcopter got the same controlling? Years then?

  4. I lost my first quadcopter because I didn't spend enough time on these basics, which this guy is obviously very very good at. With the new one, I'm going out with a lesson plan based on these QC101 training videos. Ali's lessons are tough, but I'll make myself do them until I get it down...fewer crashes, more flying !

  5. Yup I have to practice circles like "Ali" says, so I can learn this stuff. I think it's the color of the lights, red lights are always the rear of a car, so naturally I think that with a quad. Maybe I should change the colors of the quadcopter lights? I did learn to walk with it, that is fun, but it naturally wants to go back and forth ....

  6. Thank you for these videos! You and "Ali" have helped me to finally learn how to turn a quadcopter the proper way! I never thought I would be able to do this, but today while I was out in the below zero temps and it clicked in my brain!

    I just stood there in the middle of a soccer (football for Europe) field with a slight wind, looking at my quadcopter hovering and all of sudden, I had your voice and Ali's in my head telling me how to do the turns and figure 8's.

    It worked!

    I am so freakin' happy! I am 52 years old and I can now prove, "Old dogs can learn new tricks!"
    Now I can enjoy this hobby like everyone else in all the YouTube videos across the vast creation called the "Internet" and it's all because of you and your hard work!